The high-level process is mentioned below, feel free to contact your project manager if you get stuck:

  1. Log into your DNS provider panel or console.
  2. Navigate to your DNS Management page. The location and name of this page vary by provider, but it can be found under Domain Management or Advanced Settings and then select the domain name that you want to update.
  3. Locate the Records section. Choose to create an A Record from the drop-down list and then complete the below fields:
    • Host / Name (subdomain, i.e., the first part of your domain before the first dot)
    • Value (the IP address of your server -provided by your project manager)
    • TTL (‘Time To Live’ is a propagation time.  The value should be lowest, i.e., 1 minute or leave this option default as per your registrar).
  4. Click the Save Changes button to apply the changes.

Examples (Record Type, Host, Value)

Below are some examples that can give you a hint of how you can point your domain or subdomain to your application hosted on the server at DSG.

www – use it when you want to point a domain (ex: to the IP address.

A Record | www | 188.166.XXX.31

@ – use it when you want to point a root domain (ex: to the IP address. Some providers (like DreamHost) accept blank Host/Name field for the root domain.

A Record | @ | 188.166.XXX.31

[any subdomain] – you can use any name of a subdomain (ex: that you want to point to the IP address.

A Record | dev | 188.166.XXX.31

As explained, the process can vary significantly from one provider to another. In the case of any issue, contact your project manager or open a support ticket and we will assist you accordingly.

Check if DNS Propagation has Completed

Once you have added/updated DNS records, it will take time up to 24 hours (depending on your domain registrar) for the changes to be effective across the internet.

You can check the status of your domain(s) propagation by using some available online tool like

Contact your Project Manager and let them know you have followed the steps listed above. That’s it. Once your domain has been pointed, your website will be live on DreamSite Gurus server!

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